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Lewandowski: Trump has already accomplished more than ‘Obama has done in the last 4 years’Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, rumored in the running for secretary of state, is making waves with his global comments.

2016-12-07 13:15:57 -0700

FILE - In this May 5, 2016 file photo, Megyn Kelly poses for a portrait in New York. Kelly is calling on President-elect Donald Trump’s social media director to stop encouraging hostile elements among some of his supporters. London-based newspaper, The Guardian, reports that the Fox News anchor told an audience at a speaking event in Washington Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, that there’s a small group of Trump supporters “that really enjoys nastiness and threats.” She said Dan Scavino’s job during the campaign was “to stir these people up and that man needs to stop doing that.”(Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP, File)The Fox News anchor is highly critical of Dan Scavino, saying he "really enjoys nastiness and threats."

2016-12-07 07:52:05 -0700

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt speaks during an interview in Oklahoma City. (Sue Ogrocki/AP)Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt fits with the president-elect's pledge to eliminate regulations on oil and gas drilling.

2016-12-07 14:00:11 -0700