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White House: 9/11 law permits U.S. attacks on extremists. (AP)Obama has broadened the legal scope of the war on extremism, the White House confirmed Monday.

2016-12-05 16:54:59 -0700

Russian troops are seen near truck-mounted Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missiles. (AP)The country's military power today stands in stark contrast to the dying days of the Soviet Union.

2016-12-06 06:14:49 -0700

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google-owned YouTube aim to use "digital fingerprints" to block or remove violent content or efforts aimed at recruiting social media users for terrorist attack cells. (Justin Tallis/AFP)Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are joining forces to identify and prevent the spread of terrorist content online.

2016-12-06 01:29:13 -0700