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There’s a better way to create jobs that Trump and Clinton are totally missingBoth presidential candidates talk about creating jobs, but what they're proposing isn't the best way to go about it.

2016-10-24 06:15:43 -0600

Russian aircraft take off from the Hmeimim military base in Latakia province, Syria. (Vadim Grishankin/AFP)A Russian warplane came "inside of half a mile" to an American jet, an Air Force official said.

2016-10-28 08:58:31 -0600

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld speaks to members of the media at a White House state dinner. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)It goes beyond the fact that both are "interesting" and "entertaining" media spectacles, the comedian says.

2016-10-28 08:56:24 -0600