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Chicago hostage standoffTwo children and two adults are still in the hands of alleged attempted burglars.

2014-08-20 01:09:35 -0600

Ferguson memorial Michael BrownSPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Authorities say a wanted man has been arrested after he rear-ended a Spokane, Washington, detective's car.

2014-08-20 07:28:38 -0600

A digger removes debris on August 20, 2014 from a building in Gaza City's Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood destroyed the night before in an Israeli air strike which killed the wife and infant daughter of elusive Hamas military chief Mohammed DeifIsraeli warplanes pounded Gaza Wednesday as furious mourners buried the wife and child of Hamas's top military commander, clamouring for revenge as eight days of calm exploded into bloodshed. Mohammed Deif himself, who has topped Israel's most wanted list for more than a decade, escaped the strike, which pulverised a building in Gaza City late on Tuesday and remained in command, Hamas said. At least 18 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since militants launched a barrage of rockets on southern Israel and F16 fighter jets launched retaliatory air strikes, Palestinian medics say. The bloodshed pushed the Palestinian death toll to more than 2,030 since July 8 when Israel and Hamas militants started their bloodiest confrontation since the second intifada or uprising (2000-2005).

2014-08-20 08:00:26 -0600