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ABC Goes Inside Gaza With an Israeli Armored UnitU.S. reporters head into Gaza with the Israeli Defense Forces’ 188th Armored Brigade.

2014-07-30 11:06:46 -0600

Argentina Football Association (AFA) president Julio Grondona walks along the pitch before the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 South American qualifier football match against Venezuela at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires, on March 22, 2013Julio Grondona, the veteran president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and FIFA vice-president, died on Wednesday at the age of 82 in a Buenos Aires clinic, AFA sources reported. The all-powerful figure, who had been in charge of Argentine football since 1979, had been taken to hospital suffering from heart problems and died while undergoing emergency surgery. Earlier this week he had held meetings with Alejandro Sabella, who decided not to continue as Argentina coach after leading the team to the World Cup final in Brazil recently.

2014-07-30 11:36:11 -0600

An F.B.I. evidence response team collects evidence at Building 197 at the Washington Navy YardFederal investigators looking for fraud in the nation's capital are scrutinizing a program meant to give local contractors a share of major construction projects, people familiar with the probe have told The Associated Press.

2014-07-30 12:03:14 -0600