Modern answers to help seniors stay in their homes longer
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(BPT) - Retirement marks the start of the golden years, the period when hard-working individuals can put their feet up to relax after a long, successful career. But for seniors who think they can no longer live in their homes alone, retirement may be a stressful time. They worry they will have to give up the homes they have enjoyed for so many years.

But the good news is options are available to help seniors maintain their independence.

Today, modern technology and everyday conveniences are making it easier for seniors to stay in their homes longer than ever before. These options provide seniors a better quality of life and a means to save money by remaining in their homes instead of moving into a senior home.

If you are a senior or you are the child of a senior and you're looking for options to remain in the home, here are some ideas that may help.

* Find a solution for those stairs. The staircases common in split-level and multi-level homes can be difficult for seniors to navigate, limiting access to the other floors of the home. The Stairfriend from Savaria, is a stairlift specifically designed for the curved or turning staircases featured in many modern homes. The Stairfriend offers riders a smooth, comfortable and reliable means of reaching the multiple levels of the home without putting stress on a person's joints. Best of all, the Stairfriend can be customized to any staircase in any home.

* Reinvent the bathroom. Bathrooms can be dangerous for people of any age, as water can lead to slippery surfaces. For seniors who may struggle with balance or have trouble climbing in and out of the tub, navigating the bathroom can be more difficult. Replacing the existing tub with a walk-in tub will make baths a safe and enjoyable experience once again. Installing a hand-railing on the shower wall also adds greater stability.

* Technology offers a friendly reminder. Many seniors take several medications each day and sometimes mistakes are made or a dosage is missed. An electronic pill box can help seniors stay on track. Pills can be sorted by the day of the week as well as morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime periods. In addition, an LED light will glow beneath the proper container when it is medication time. The pill box can also be programmed to send an alarm, email or text message whenever a medication period is missed. Smart phone apps that allow seniors to keep track of their medication periods can also help to avoid confusion.

* Organize your cupboards. Decreased vision or memory loss can lead many seniors to make mistakes when it comes to food preparation. This can be prevented by storing certain foods in the same location every time to avoid confusion.

* Make washing the dishes easier. Dishwashers have made cleaning up after a meal easier than ever but for many seniors, leaning over to load the dishes can be difficult. Dishdrawers offer two, smaller dishwashers stacked on top of the other, offering seniors an easy-to-reach alternative.

* Help is just a phone call away. Many seniors feel they must move into a senior home when they can no longer drive and run errands. However, many services exist today that can lend a helping hand. Professional services are available to provide comfort and companionship, meal preparation, personal care and help with light housekeeping, transportation and medication as needed. Many of these companies can be researched on the Internet.

Technological advances and modern conveniences have empowered today's seniors with more options to stay in their homes than any generation before. The key is to recognize these opportunities and make the most of them. You can learn more about how the Stairfriend makes traveling up and down stairs a breeze and see how it can be customized for your home by visiting and watching their informational video.

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