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Congratulations to Utah and Kane County on the recent court victory keeping back roads open. The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance’s attorney called Kane County roads “cow trails and roads to nowhere.”

  Grand and San Juan counties, are your backroads “cow trails and roads to nowhere”? SUWA, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and others want to designate a Greater Canyonlands that could close many roads. The BLM already is closing roads.

  We believe the Moab/Canyonlands area is the most beautiful landscape in the world. We own property in Moab and eventually will relocate here. Due to age and old injuries, I no longer can bike or hike, so we ATV and jeep. We are responsible off-roaders, we stay on the trails, take out our trash and respect the land.

  We compared a map of “Greater Canyonlands” to other maps of the area. Many roads, trails, and campgrounds could be closed to motorized vehicles, if the proposal is granted.

  The following roads would be consumed by Greater Canyonlands and could be closed to motorized vehicles: Needles Overlook, Hatch Wash, Anticline Overlook, 8 Mile, Joe Wilson, Harts Draw, Harts Point Overlook, McComb Canyon Overlook, Labyrinth Overlook, Narrows Overlook, Hart Spring Draw, Lightning Draw, Cottonwood Canyon, North Cottonwood Canyon, Lower Indian Creek, Ruby Ranch, Ten Mile Point, Levi Well, Blue Hills Dubinky Well, Spring Canyon Bottom, all road access to Beef Basin, Crystal Geyser, White Wash Sand Dunes, Ten Mile Wash, Rainbow Terrace, Dellenbaugh Tunnel, Secret Spire, Hey Joe Canyon, Spring Canyon Point, Mineral Point, parts of Bartlett Overlook and Bartlett Wash, Hurrah Pass, Kane Creek Canyon, Kane Creek Springs, Pritchett Canyon, Behind the Rocks, Tip-toe Behind the Rocks, Picture Frame Arch, and Flat Iron Mesa.

  The Horsethief, Mineral Bottom, Schafer Canyon, and White Rim Roads could be closed, leaving the following campgrounds accessible only to bikers and hikers: Labyrinth, Taylor, Hardscrabble, Potato Bottom, Candlestick, Murphy, White Crack, Gooseberry, and Airport Tower.

  This is the tip of the iceberg. Many other roads could be closed. I enjoy driving these roads. Our great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents enjoyed driving these roads. I want my children, their children and their children’s children to enjoy driving these roads.

  I do not want any of these roads, trails or campgrounds closed to motorized vehicles. If you agree, then I implore you to write President Obama, your legislators, your city and county councils, the BLM, and SUWA. Say NO to Greater Canyonlands. Tell SUWA’s attorney: These are not cow-trails and roads to nowhere!

 —Dirk and Brenda Sprunt,

North Salt Lake and Moab

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