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Information about the Grand County School District Facilities Committee...
by Scott L. Crane
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In a continuing effort to keep the community informed on school district projects, I would like to address some facts concerning the District Facilities Committee. The committee met on Dec. 17, 2012 to begin to discuss district facilities needs, specifically the middle school. I will use a question/answer format as a method of information distribution.

• What is the purpose of the District Facilities Committee?

The mission of the Grand County School District Facilities Committee is to serve as an advisory committee of the school board to analyze the educational structure adequacy, and energy efficiency of the district facilities.

• What are the goals of the District Facilities Committee?

1. The committee will revisit the ‘2008 District Facilities Priorities” to determine current validity of the priorities.

2. If the “2008 District Facilities Priorities” are valid and current then the committee will analyze the “2012 Educational Adequacy Facility Assessment” to determine the middle school’s facilities relationship in congruity to the academic education needs of the students.

3. If the “2008 District Facilities Priorities” are valid and current the committee will analyze the structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting, and seismic vulnerability of the Middle School.

4. After conducting the before-mentioned analysis of the middle school facility the committee will meet with the representatives of MHTN Architects to review and discuss the cost and facility issues of remodeling the existing middle school or building a new middle school facility.

5. Determine the best method to pay required remodeling or building a new middle school.

6. If the decision is to remodel the existing middle school facility, determine how students will be educated during the project or recommend a five- to six-year summer remodeling calendar if possible.

7. If the decision is to build a new middle school the committee will analyze district properties to determine the best location for the new facility.

8. After the committee has accomplished these goals they will advise the board of their recommendations and the board will make the final decision.

9. Once the board has made their decision the committee will create a public relations program to inform the public and invite the public to understand and support the board’s decision.

10. The committee will also discuss and investigate current energy saving technologies that could benefit the district

• Who are the members of the District Facilities Committee?

Co-chairpersons: Jim Webster and Dave Bierschied. Committee members: Bryon Walston, Elizabeth Tubbs, Dave Tubbs, Donna Metzler, Danette Johnson, Gail Wakefield, Ashley Korenblatt, Sam Crane, Rachel Moody, Melodie McCandless, Steve Lawry, Ken Williams, Dwight Johnston, Jeff Whitney, Dr. Scott L. Crane, Robert Farnsworth, Melinda Snow, Kenny Lindsay, Becky McCormick.

• What is the District Facilities Committee timeline?

The committee will meet three to four times between Dec. 17, 2012 and Feb. 20, 2013, and make recommendations to the school board at the regular Feb. 20 meeting. This timeline is subject to change as the committee believes necessary to accomplish its goals.

• What information is the District Facilities Committee using to complete their purpose and goals?

Facilities Committee Mission and Goals; 2008 District Facilities Priorities; Impact of Facilities on Student Academics Research; 2012 Educational Adequacy Facility Assessment; 2007 Middle School Facilities Assessment; 2007 Seismic Vulnerability Assessment; 2012 Grand County Middle School Feasibility Study (options/cost estimates).

• When is the next meeting scheduled? Can the public attend? Where will it be held?

The next meeting is scheduled for January 14, 2013 at 5:00 P.M. The public is invited and it will be held at the Grand County School District board room.

• Has the board already made a decision about what to do with the middle school?

No. The board is currently faced with making costly repairs to the middle school. The issues of concern are: Do we allocate major funds to replace inadequate systems? Or do we use those funds as seed moneys for a modern facility? The board has formed this committee to help and advise them on the wisest use of district funds to provide the best educational experience possible for the students of Grand County Schools.

If you have any questions please call my office or visit with any member of the committee.

Dr. Scott L. Crane is the superintendent of the Grand County School District.

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