Dark and stupid times...
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What in the world has happened to this country? A couple of whacked out kids wreak havoc at the Boston Marathon. People killed. Lots of people grievously injured.

Do you, gentle readers, understand that events like this and much worse happen every day in places similar to where these kids came from; places where our government has chosen, for whatever reason, to intervene with overwhelming and unnecessary force? Do you understand that people under America’s thumb might want to retaliate?

OK. These kids needed to be caught and dealt with. Thanks to ubiquitous surveillance and technology, the authorities knew very quickly who was behind the bombings. Did we really need to turn Boston, a great American city, into a war zone? Did we really need thousands upon thousands of law enforcement of every description, with every conceivable weapon and contrivance to track down two idiots who had no chance of getting away? What do you imagine the public tab was for that TSA (thousands standing around) training?

To me, it looked like practice for what it might be like in a military-police state, which we are sadly and rapidly approaching.

Two very bad things have been heaped upon the tragic injuries and deaths of innocents in Boston. First, the two idiots have been glorified. How many jihadists do you think have been watching the ridiculously over-the-top coverage of this incident, and cheering for the bad guys? How many jihadists living a less than marginal existence in pathetic, war torn, economically decimated places do you think decided this week that – “yeah, that would be pretty cool – instant fame, martyrdom, 21 virgins and all that crap – I think I’ll try something like that.”

Second, domestic terrorists have been empowered. The argument of the gun nuts is that they have to be armed to the teeth in case marauding jihadists – or our own government – come after them. Here they have both. A couple of kids able to shut down a major American city, and a military-law enforcement response so insanely hysterical that every tinfoil-hat patriot amassing an arsenal will conclude, “that could be me.”

We’re in the midst of dark and stupid times. So I’m very glad to be in Moab. It’s gloriously ambivalent and smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Come and get us. Just try it. We’ll stuff you so full of organic food that you can’t move, then tickle you to death.

—Steve Russell


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