Local photographer raises more than $1K for non-profit
by Jacque Garcia
The Times-Independent
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Scott Rogers took this photo with a drone of Castleton Tower while flying above the fog layer in January. He is selling it as a print to help raise funds for Seekhaven.            Photo courtesy Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers took this photo with a drone of Castleton Tower while flying above the fog layer in January. He is selling it as a print to help raise funds for Seekhaven. Photo courtesy Scott Rogers

​ Moab’s beauty is known all over the world, driving tourism of all kinds to the area. Local photographer Scott Rogers is using the region’s stunning landscape for another purpose — to raise money for a local non-profit.

​ “This particular shot I took with one of my drones, flying around in Castle Valley during a particularly strong inversion event in January,” Rogers said of one of his photos. Rogers is a local climber, BASE jumper and photographer. He has also created a number of prints that have been featured in local hotels.

​ “Most of the other images are standard still photography ... this is the first time I was pleased enough with a drone shot to want to print one,” he explained. The photo, taken during the inversion event, was particularly hard to capture. This meteorological event, caused by a change in atmospheric pressure, is what created the heavy layer of fog below the towers.

​ “I’ve always seen inversions in Castle Valley, but they’re rare and hard to anticipate, so this is the first time I’ve been able to get a photo like this one,” Rogers said.

​ When Rogers posted the photos on social media, they quickly went viral, drawing attention from many people who wanted to buy prints of the photos. “I think it was the comments on Facebook,” Rogers said of the photo’s popularity. “A lot of people expressed interest in getting a print and that’s relatively easy to set up with online print ordering these days.”

​ By selling the prints, Rogers saw an opportunity to give back to local non-profit Seekhaven, a family shelter supporting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. ​“For all print sales, I’m adding $50 to the cost of printing and shipping to the order, and all proceeds are going to Seekhaven,” explained Rogers. “I think I’ll continue selling this print until the end of the year, and so far we’ve raised $1,050.”

​ Rogers chose Seekhaven because of what he calls its “relevant and important work in Moab.”

​ “I was mostly inspired by the #metoo movement last year,” he said. “Posting on Facebook is one thing, but I wanted to show support in another, more tangible way. ​Instead of donating to some large non-profit like Planned Parenthood, he said it seemed better to support projects in the community. ​

​ “It’s kind of a double win; people get some nice art and we can all work together to raise funds for a good program helping families in need of support,” said Matt Lajeunesse, a friend of Rogers. “I love few things more than people that are pro-active about things that are important to them. Turning ideas and opinions into actions is all too rare.”

​ The first batch of prints will ship out this week, after which Rogers will make his first donation. He hopes to sell more prints throughout the year and can be reached for inquiries by email at climber.rogers@gmail.com, or by phone at 720-402-6930.

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