Sad things happening in Moab
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This letter goes out to the mayor, all city council members and the county council. Does anyone know the significance the Fourth of July holds? Well this is part of our history. People don’t want to know about our history they just want to tear it down, so they don’t have to be reminded of how we got here today.

The freedom we have today did not come free; there was a price to pay. Nothing is free in this world. If you are ashamed of our country, then move out and don’t ruin it for all the folks who are proud to be Americans. I am very proud to be an American. And for the new people that come into our town and get in our offices, they want to change the ways of how we do things the way we celebrate the holidays. Just because some of you don’t like a holiday you don’t want anyone else to celebrate.

People like you want to dictate to everyone else how we should or should not celebrate our holidays. News flash: This is a free country and we will celebrate as we see fit. If that offends you then you can leave. You people move in here from other areas because you don’t like the crap that is going on, so you come to Moab and bring that crap with you. You didn’t like the crap that was going on in your area so don’t come in here and dump this on us. You didn’t like living in it so don’t expect us to live in it. If tourists ask me about living here I tell them straight up you can’t make a living here and you can’t even afford to retire here. You people are just trying to run all the longtime residents out of here just like Telluride.

For example you want to take all of our Main Street parking away when we don’t have any other means of parking, not to mention it is a U.S. highway in case you people haven’t noticed. It is the main thoroughfare.

Let me tell you, all the years that I have lived here there were always fireworks shows. As for a celebration at the ball park, that stinks. As a longtime resident of this town I have always enjoyed the fireworks display.

You are always asking the locals to keep their money local but we get nothing in return. Oh we get price gouging, gas prices, food prices. So when I can drive to Grand Junction and buy more groceries for my money, I will go there. Oh by the way gas is 30 cents a gallon cheaper over there than here.

I am so tired of the lame excuse that we are off the beaten path when in fact it is a U.S. highway. Oh and you wonder why every business in town has job openings, well the cost of living is so high no one can afford to come here and go to work. There aren’t affordable places to rent because everything is nightly rentals or more motels.

You people can’t even get the traffic situation under control. Let’s just keep on bringing them in. It’s going to break some time. Because even the tourists that I’ve talked to said they won’t be back because there are too many people. They talked about the grocery prices being too high, waiting in lines at restaurants for an hour before they get seated, another half hour to an hour before their order gets taken, and another 30 to 45 minutes to get their food. They won’t be back.

Our American heritage is being snuffed right out from under us, because people want to take away our American celebrations, and the history that goes along with it. That is really sad, but people are more worried about a little piece of dirt being trampled but yet we can disturb all this dirt to build on.

–Kerrie Bertwell


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