Kindergarten Class of ‘18: 'What I want to be when I grow up'
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Kindergarten class members at Helen M. Knight Elementary School look to the future, answering the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” 						     Courtesy photo
Kindergarten class members at Helen M. Knight Elementary School look to the future, answering the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Courtesy photo
Helen M. Knight kindergarten 2018 graduates recently stated what they want to be when they grow up. Responding to the question, “I want to be a...” they answered as follows.

From Mrs. Kahn’s class:

Ashley Acosta-Barrera--Teacher, because I like learning.

Billy Bierschied--Builder because they are cool and they build stuff.

Abbie Cluff--Teacher because then I could teach kids!

Victoria Corona-Ojeda--Teacher because I like to read and learn at school.

Mya Hughes--A famous dancer because dancing is fun and you get to wear pretty things!

Nolan Knutson--An astronaut and a ninja, so when I go up into space and there are bad guys, I can fight them!

Kourtnee McCandless—Snow-cone maker because every time I go there it looks really fun, and I have practiced at home on my own snow-cone maker.

Luke Melton--A person who rides the jets in the Army because it’s cool and you get to shoot missiles.

Eza Morgan--Vet because I love animals and I want to help them!

Raven Randall--Inventor because it would be cool to invent stuff.

Runner Rosenbury--Teacher just like you because I like to sing songs and teach kids.

David Solis--I want to work with my dad at City Market because he works on tortillas and I want to help him.

Milo Van Scoyoc--A Snow-Cone Man when I grow up because I like snow-cones!

Brandon Vizcarra--Doctor because I want to help people get better.

Owen Weissinger--What do I want to be when I grow up? That’s a good question in life. It’s hard! But, it would be super cool and fun to work at Domino’s Pizza because there are fun things to see there when they make pizza.

Seanabah Whitethorne--Princess because I like Cinderella because she has long hair and all the boys are funny!

From Mrs. Johnson’s class:

Hadrian Barela--Soldier so I can train Army dogs.

Zoe Bastian--Vet so I can help animals.

Emmalee Brown--Vet so the animals feel better.

Colton Bulman--Fisherman because I love fishing.

Parker Curtis--Policeman so I can save people and keep them safe.

Daxton Daye--Pet Store Owner so I can take care of fish.

Javier Gastelum--Fireman so I can put out fires.

Jadeyn Harward--Stylist so I can make cool hair-doo’s.

Kyden Jensen--Soldier so I can fight the bad guys.

Avrie Mallory--Vet because I really like animals.

Jonah Murdock--Fireman so I can shoot water at the fire.

Cedar Oldham--Teacher because I really like learning.

Abby Pacheco--Starbucks barista so I can take coffee to my mom.

Farada Pakkarato--Doctor so I can help people feel better.

Gavin Prickett--Basketball player because I love basketball.

Logan Schraft--Mad scientist so I can do crazy experiments.

Erik Tsosie--Pet store owner so I can feed and play with dogs.

Macee Young--Grocery clerk because I love money.

From Ms. Libby’s class:

Blake Brewer—Fire-fighter, like my dad.

Adrian Delgado Diaz--Mechanic because I want to fix cars.

Charlotte Manheimer--Teacher because I want to learn things.

Jackson Long--Mechanic because I like fixing things.

Aiden Martinez--I want to be a grown up when I grow up.

Neimar Flores--Policeman because they have red and blue lights.

Seren Stiles--Teacher because I like to learn.

Preston Gerber--Teacher because I am smart.

Ryler Rose--Doctor because they always help people when they are sick or hurt. They even help when people’s ankles are broken.

Tripp Child--Police officer because I want to save the world.

Elliot Scott-Rawson---Science teacher because science is fun and I saw the science that Bill Nye did and I liked it.

William Partridge--Teacher because I want to teach my sister, my mom, my dad and my grandma and that’s all.

Hailey Bylilly--Teacher because I want to help people.

Armando Castro-Barazza--Police officer because I like helping people.

Angie Solis-Bautista--Cop! I want to save the world.

Estelle Surkes--Cowgirl because horses are my favorite animal.

Jameson Bulman--Worker man like my grandpa.

Ashley Taylor--I want to be in the Air Force and fix planes.

By teacher Deb’s class:

Cami Aldaba--Doctor, because they help people who are sick and they clean teeth.

Corbin Black--Wildlife preserver, they can dig dinosaur bones and take care of animals.

Kyler Blake--SWAT team man, because I like to help people.

Daniel Codina--Policeman, because I can chase bad guys.

Ace Copeland--Army guy, I want to save the world.

Preslie Copeland--Art teacher, because I like to color and I make pretty pictures.

Kru Cook--Mayor, I will be in charge and protect our town.

Tiger Evans--Dancer, I like to dance and I am really good.

Abbey Harlan--Hair cutter, I like to help my Mom cut her hair.

Kymberlynn Jones--Singer, because I have a good voice and I like to sing.

Noah Kauffman--Paleontologist, I like dinosaurs.

Troy Kimes--Doctor, I want to fix people.

Easton O’Donnal--Science teacher, so I can teach kids about science.

Mayo Ortego--Museum keeper, I want to keep the bones safe and not let anyone touch them.

Omar Rock--Pilot, I want to fly a plane and teach people to fly.

Jaxton Shaw--Doctor, I can help people that are sick.

Baylee Taylor--Air Force girl, because my uncle Ryan was in the Air Force and I like him.

Elsie Valenzuela--Teacher, because I want to teach kids like Teacher Deb.

By Mrs. Guerrero’s class:

Antonio Alba--Astronaut because I would love to see that moon.

Christopher Alvarado–I don’t know yet.

Dylan Begaye – Cop so I can arrest the robbers.

Hadley Davis–Doctor so that I can fix bones for people.

Chloe Day–Archeologist because I like dinosaurs and I want to find dinosaur bones.

Camila Falcon –Doctor because I want to help kids feel better.

Trenyn Lammert– Paleontologist because I would like to study bones.

Sofia Mascaro– Singer because I love to sing and dance.

Kash McCandles –Fireman because I want to put out fires and help people.

Griffin Oldroyd–Basketball player because I am good and I can beat my Papa.

Baylee Peterson–Doctor because I like the telescopes they put on your heart.

Daxtyn Rawson–Paleontologist because I would like to study dinosaur bones.

Ledger Relph– Cop because I want to look out for danger.

Truman–Zoo keeper so I can take care of animals.

Sophia Smith–Hair stylist because what they can do with hair is cool.

L. J. Stewart – Astronaut because I can look at the moon and put the American flag on it.

Stratton Stubbs– Construction worker so I can be just like my dad.

Hannah Velasquez– Cop because they have cool vests and a cool taser.

Jace Zeiler–Cop because they get to go fast in their cop car.

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