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Page 30 - Ink Harris - Part 14
by AJ Rogers
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I am continuing with the Ink Harris letters written to Harry Ballard in England from Ink’s home in Grand County, Utah. They have been writing back and forth ever since Harry sold out a large portion of his Utah properties and herds around 1912, or ‘13, before moving home to England. Ink has been taking care of a lot of Harry’s ongoing business for years because they are great friends and so many things are easier to accomplish if you can go to town and do what’s needed. It’s now January 7rd (as Ink spells it). The year is 1926 and the letter begins like this:

Dear Friend,

Received your letter of Dec. 12rd and was very glad to here frome you. We are having one of the finest winters I ever saw. It has bin just like spring all winter up to date. It is the onely thing that could have saved the cows as there is not a bite of feed on the desert.

Well Harry, the unexpected has happened. There has bin an oil well brought in 12 miles below Moab on Grand River and I guess it is a good one frome all accounts. They don’t know just what they have got but think it is a 2000 bal gusher. We expect things to turn here in the spring and your Thompsons property may make you some money yet. I woodent be in any hurry to sell for a while if I was you, and don’t let those crooks get any thing that is not coming to them. I talked with C.A. Robertson when I was in Moab and he said he didn’t think it wood amount to any thing as they has filed their papers rong in some way. If I can help in the matter in any way let me know. I am sending you under separate cover papers with the full account of the oil strike. I havent herd frome my people for some time but understand they intend to finish the well soon. The Crescent Eagle people are still working and told me they hoped to bring in their well soon. I think the well that are drilled frome now on will be deep, not less than 5000 feet and I believe if they go deep enough they will strike oil.

Well Harry, we are starting on a new year and I hope yours will be a prosperis and happy one. I am getting younger every day or am getting into my second child hood. I don’t know whitch. I went out Xmas week and danced my fool head off and sure had a lot of fun. Of course, we had some pretty good moonshine to help things along. Am getting so I can do those modern Jolly Jiggles like a movie hero, now what do you think of that? Goldie is 24 years old today and Sylvia is 18 the eleventh so you see old age is creeping on. Ballard ask me to thank you for his Xmas present and says he is going to buy a good bridle and pair of spurs. I ordered him a new saddle and he just received it today. He is sure a proud boy.

I havent saw or herd of any of the old boys we used to know for a long time. Old Bud is still here in Green River raising apples and children and looks fine. I have bin making new ditches all fall on the ranch. Am taking the water up around where the old correll use to be. I am going to plant a 1000 grape vines this spring and if they do good will make a vinyard out of the hole ranch. Well old friend I don’t no of any thing else that wood interest you. My wife joins me in wishing your self and family a happy and prosperis New Year,

--Your Old Friend, G. A. Harris

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