Michael J. Welch, 1952 ~ 2008

Michael J. Welch was born Aug. 16, 1952 in Antioch, Calif. the eldest of four siblings. On Aug. 8 he took his final journey to be with his mother, father and baby sister in heaven.

Mike lived his adolescent crazy years in Sierra Valley and Tahoe area. He came to Moab March of 1984 and made his home where he met his wife Gwynith Parriott. They were married in 1987.

Michael was an avid snow-skier, adventure-seeker, risk-taker, storyteller, poetry-writer, follower of Star Trek, and he knew all the characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels.

His many friends from all walks of life laughed with him and had a deep love for Mike as he did for them. Mike was always available to help his fellow man, young and old.

Michael was an entertainer to the tourist as he’d guide them down the river telling all kinds of stories about the “Mighty Colorado.” He worked for more than 20 different movies and commercials. He also worked in seismic surveying, the tourism industry, as a drill hand, and did various odd jobs in the community.

Mike loved the outdoors. Every fall he’d head to the La Sals with his chainsaw and spend days cutting firewood, determined to keep his family warm through the winter.

Michael began his fight in September 2007 and battled every day until it was time to go. He was determined not to give up even when things looked rather grim. Michael was a loving husband, father, uncle, brother and friend.

Michael is survived by his wife, Gwynith, daughter, Shelly (Moab), son, Kemmeth (Bellingham, Wash.), sister, Shawn (Moab), and brother, Patrick (Sierra Valley, Calif.). He is also survived by his nephews, Richard and Cole Kilker, Jason and Jeremy Parriott (Moab), Joshua Parriott (Phoenix), and Richard Welch (Reno).

Aug. 16, this coming Saturday, is Mike’s birthday. In honor of him being reborn, a birthday memorial will be held at his home, 514 Bartlett, from 6- 8 p.m. All are invited to come and remember the good times.