Volunteers needed for Hell’s Revenge clean-up

Several groups are organizing a clean-up of Hell’s Revenge trail to help repair damage caused by illegal off-road traffic, and volunteers are needed for the effort. On Saturday, Nov.15, at 10 a.m., volunteers will gather at the Hell’s Revenge trail head on Sand Flats Road, just past the entrance to the Grand County dump, to do the work.

“Gov. [Jon] Huntsman called out for an end to illegal off-trail use, and we are answering his call,” said Sara Melnicoff, of Solutions, one of the groups organizing this effort. “We hope to get volunteers from all the local land agencies and non-profits.”

SITLA, the State School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration has offered to pay for fencing and the crew leader for the project. They will also provide snacks, Melnicoff said.

After repair and prevention measures are completed at Hell’s Revenge, a “Stay on the Trail” campaign will kick off with a poster designed by local artist, Laurel Hagen. Grand County Sheriff Jim Nyland has agreed to pose for the poster that will, in a humorous way, call out to all user groups to stay on the trail for the benefit of all users.

The Moab Area Chamber of Commerce will select the poster design from several submitted by Hagen, and the Moab Area Travel Council will produce the poster for wide distribution around the Moab area.

“We’re all in this together,” said David Morgan of Solutions. “We hope to create a model for other counties around the state to follow to end the illegal off-trail use that causes so much heartache for law enforcement and others.”

For more information about this project, contact Melnicoff at 435-259-0910.