4-wheel club completes work on Gemini Bridges Trail

One of the outcomes of the new Bureau of Land Management resource management plan was to close the Gemini Bridges to all traffic except hiking.

The BLM recently asked the Moab Friends-For Wheelin’ (MFFW) four-wheel drive club to volunteer time to fence in the new parking area and a nearby road that was constructed by the Grand County Road Department. On March 8 the MFFW club installed 335 feet of fencing constructed of steel post and cable.

This fence closed off the old vehicle entrance to the bridges, leaving only a three-foot personal and a locked emergency vehicle entrance. The group continued the work on March 15, but after drilling 11 holes in solid rock the heavy duty hammer drill gave out and had to be sent for repairs.

Grand Rental Center allowed the group to use a heavy-duty air-powered rock drill and the club completed drilling and installing the 832 feet of steel post and cable fencing on March 22. The club plans to install six-foot by six-foot timbers secured with rebar rods in the three smaller parking areas on the west side of the road to complete the project.

Funding for the project was donated by the Tread Lightly! and Hummer Foundation with supplies provided by the Moab BLM.