Local environmental groups plan ‘parade of horribles’ for Oct. 31

Local environmental activists hope to draw attention to climate change and garbage issues by hosting a “Parade of Horribles” event at Swanny City Park on Halloween day, Oct. 31. The event is scheduled to begin at the park at 4 p.m., according to a news release from Sara Melnicoff, founder of Solutions of Moab, a group that promotes recycling through a variety of projects in the community.

According to Melnicoff, the connection between Halloween and those environmental issues is obvious.

“A landfill is one of the scariest and saddest places around,” Melnicoff said. “It is filled with our discarded excess consumption and it leaks methane, a greenhouse gas that is four times more powerful at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.”

Solutions has been working with the Grand County Devils, to turn Grand County High School into a “no waste” school,” with the help, Melnicoff said, of Erin Olschewski, president of the GCHS Earth Club. Olschewski helps Solutions coordinate both the recycling program and awareness events at the school, according to Melnicoff.

Drawing on the long tradition of Halloween as a day for costumes and masks to drive out evil spirits, the Earth Club and Solutions are asking area residents to participate in the Oct. 31 event by walking through Moab dressed as “threats to the earth” – “a literal and figurative parade of horribles,” according to Melnicoff.