Breaking the cycle…

Ever considered how many people really, really care about the you? Not many. Sara Melnicoff and Solutions are an exception to the rule.

After countless years of dysfunctional living on Mill Creek in a tent, Sara came to our rescue, literally.

Sara didn’t know us until recently. She knew there were and are people out there suffering who needed help. Some by choice, others by circumstances beyond their control. Sara genuinely cares about their well being. We were recently given a wonderful place to live in a beautiful canyon. By breaking that cycle, she has given us new insight and direction in order for us to help ourselves.

Many deny that there is a homeless issue in Moab. Wake up people. There are others still out there living in tents, cars, vans, and in sleeping bags under a tarp. Should you want to help, have a concern for the less fortunate in Moab, contact Solutions and talk with Sara. There is much that can be done – food, clothes, gear, work, etc. – so that these people can have a more comfortable existence. Winter is coming.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the people involved in getting us on the right path – people in Oregon, Alaska and Moab who helped us when we needed it most. The world could use many more like you.

My girlfriend and I are forever grateful. Our arms are around all of you.

Warm and Sober,

—Bob Phillips