Loretta Smith, 1945 ~ 2011

Loretta Baucom Smith passed away in her home Monday evening Nov. 21, 2011 after a 17-plus-month-long courageous battle with brain tumor cancer at the age of 65. She kept her faith, stayed positive in her thinking, and always kept her caring attitude for others.

The Huntsman Cancer Center said she was an inspiration to them with her wonderful attitude and spirit for the life expectancy for her type of tumor is only nine months. She always said: “If it has to happen to someone it might as well be me.” Never did she say “Why me?” She always kept her smile and loved the sincerity of so many caring individuals who entered her life who were there for her to help her through the long journey of battling cancer. She especially was very grateful for the sincere, caring, compassionate and loyal friends who were always there for her! She continued to think positively and looked forward to helping them in the future.

Loretta was born Dec. 21, 1945 to Clida and Zeions Baucom in San Diego, Calif., where she and her husband Gary lived until moving to Moab in 1991. Loretta married Gary Smith on Sept. 18, 1965. She was a devoted housewife and mother in rearing their two children, daughter Page and son Greg.

She was preceded in death by her parents and several siblings. She is survived by her husband; her two children; her granddaughter “Ariana;” and several brothers and sisters.

Loretta loved working in the T-Shirt Shop when they first moved to Moab in 1991, and a few years later they joined the Grand County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue squad, where they served for several years, which they both enjoyed doing in helping others and our community. Loretta always considered it to be a wonderful and rewarding experience that she never forgot. The last few years, prior to the tumor, she loved working part-time at Pizza Hut as the salad bar manager. Loretta was always a very hard worker in all that she did and she truly loved and enjoyed helping others.

She and Gary were a “team” in all that they did in life. They enjoyed working on the house together to turn it into a place they could call home. She loved cooking, sewing, knitting, and crocheting. She enjoyed making quilts for loved ones and friends. Her hobby was collecting dolls. She also loved doing yard work. Her roses were always special to her and she had her own favorite, “Flower Hill.”

A private memorial service was held at her home on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011 with caring, loyal and dear friends attending, each of whom had touched and enriched her life, something she always cherished. Their sincerity was truly uplifting and rewarding. Gary and Loretta both were truly blessed by the presence of each individual. Please remember Loretta now “Lives in our hearts, where she will only die if we forget her,” which we will never do.

Also, one of her favorite sayings was from the TV series “Little House on the Prairie,” in which the reverend read a note from the deceased person that said: “Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that is how I will remember you all. If you can only remember with tears and sorrow, then don’t remember me at all.”

Please remember Loretta that way, for that is how she wanted to be remembered. Her smile and the love she had for everyone will never be forgotten. Nor will she.