Leon C. Every, 1948 ~ 2012

Resume to Heaven

Multi-talented, local redneck looking for permanent, full-time position in heaven.

D.O.B.: March 17, 1948;

Death: March 3, 2012.


Grand County High School

Graduate CEU Vocational College.

Decades of continuing education and training.

Professional Jobs: Mechanic, Welder, & Electrician.

Involvements: Utah, Colorado & Wyoming Rodeo, Colorado Stock Car Association, Elks Lodge member.

Hobbies & Interests: Bull Riding, Team Roping, Hunting, Fishing, Rodeo Clowning, Stock Car Driving, Gardening, Animal Training, Good Deed Doer & Inventor.


• Liked to drive trucks and jeeps that could be wrecked or broke down and worked on regularly.

• Loved house cats, horses, stray birds, skunks and any animal that wanted to talk.

• Was a legendary outlaw in the Arizona Territory.

• Pretty good at drinking beer… all day.

• Mother (Esther) is a pistol so I was a son of a gun.

• Brother (Fred) and I were bud’s to each other.

• Father of two (Charley and Christy), Grandfather of many.

• I was not afraid to fight because I was not afraid to lose.

Please consider my application for a fair place in heaven. I would appreciate the spot where there is a lake and a full cooler. I can be reached at 1-800 OUTLAW. If I don’t answer right away leave a message and my soul will get back to you.