GCMS students help raise money to help local foster children

Children in foster care come from a variety of backgrounds, each with their own unique circumstances. But they also have something in common – they have been placed into a new situation, usually with people they are meeting for the first time.

“This can be a difficult transition, and anything that we can do to help children in foster care live as normal a life as possible helps with the change,” said Geri Swift of the Moab office of the Utah Foster Care Foundation.

For the past eight years, students at Grand County Middle School have held an annual fundraiser to benefit children in foster care. During that time, the students have raised nearly $6,400, according to a news release.

“Each year Grand County Middle School does a fundraiser for the Utah Foster Care Foundation. Our goal this year was to raise one thousand dollars. We reached this goal and surpassed it by about twenty dollars! It is always our pleasure and honor to support the Utah Foster Care Foundation,” GCMS eighth-grade student Grace Osusky said in the news release.

“ The money goes to help kids in foster care participate in sports, receive music lessons, and to do activities that help them express themselves and further their educational pursuits. So many wonderful people donated. Grand County Middle School looks forward to participating in future fundraisers that benefit the Utah Foster Care Foundation and children in foster care. It takes a great community to raise great children. Thank you for all of your generosity.”

A wide variety of businesses in Moab, Green River, Blanding and Monticello provided donations to help Utah Foster Care Foundation this year, and Swift offered thanks for their generosity.

The foundation is also always looking for people who are willing to serve as foster parents, Swift said. For more information about being a foster parent, or how to support families caring for children in foster care, contact Swift at 877-505-5437 or by email at [email protected]