‘Go Green Challenge’ aims to inspire more recycling, green practices

Local nonprofit group Moab Solutions, in partnership with Abby Scott, program director of Canyonlands Community Recycling (CCR), is looking for applicants to participate in a “Go Green Challenge” which will guide members of a Moab household toward incorporating recycling practices into their regular routine throughout the course of a month.

Upon completion of the challenge, the household will receive $500 in cash, a year of curbside recycling from Green Solutions and gift certificates from Moonflower Community Cooperative, WabiSabi and EklectiCafé.

Only households that do not currently recycle are eligible to be selected.

The household will learn about recycling and other green practices that they can implement through small, daily adjustments.

The Times-Independent will feature the participating household in stories that track the household members’ progress in adopting recycling as part of their routine.

Sara Melnicoff, director of Moab Solutions, said the challenge will highlight the greater benefits of recycling.

“Recycling has so many multiple benefits, only if more people do it than not,” she said. “The idea is to see how beneficial it is and how easy it is if you make slight adjustments. All together we create a healthier situation when we recycle.”

During the challenge, Moab Solutions will make an assessment of the selected household and suggest different green practices to implement.

Field trips to the Community Recycle Center, the transfer station, the landfill and WabiSabi will also be part of the challenge.

“Households that apply must be open-minded, flexible and willing to make small adjustments in daily behavior for the length of the ‘Go Green Challenge’ and hopefully beyond,” said Melnicoff.

Scott said she is interested in learning about the difficulties households might face in beginning to recycle.

“It will be interesting to hear from a household about what the challenges are to starting recycling and why they might not be already recycling,” said Scott. “It will also be interesting to set-up systems to start recycling practices.”

She said she is looking forward to making the community more aware of the different green resources available in Moab, and to working directly with the Go Green Challenge participants.

“It will be a good opportunity to explain the different roles of recycling in the community,” Scott said. “People aren’t aware of some of the resources. Anything that helps people understand how the system works is helpful.”

Those who are interested in applying for the challenge must submit a letter explaining why their household would like to participate. The application deadline is Feb. 28. Letters may be emailed to Melnicoff and Moab Solutions at: [email protected] (reference Go Green Challenge in the subject line) or mailed to: Moab Solutions, Go Green Challenge, P.O. Box 1549, Moab, UT 84532.

ByBy Molly Marcello

Staff Writer