Article mischaracterizes tavern’s past history…

Dear Moab:

Last week, after I read an article about Shari Beck’s incredible saving of Woody’s bar, I was angry. I thought to myself, “why are you angry. You never have cared what Shari says and you never will. She means nothing to me or my family.”

So I thought some more. The impression she left that Woody had a property ready to be auctioned is something I think I would have heard about. My dad wanted the bar sold and his kids out of it. As far as he was concerned, it was a life sentence to alcoholism.

The impression the article left with me was that the bar had been out of control, with drugs and violence. She was in there partying with these bad people.

That is true that there was violence also. The men, “locals” from Woody’s, ran a motorcycle gang out of town — The Dead Men. So that’s true — the men from Woody’s had no problem with violence when it was needed.

So the impression I’d like to leave is that during the years that my father, Woody Woodward, owned Woody’s, the patrons were the heart and soul of a very good history.

—Suzan Woodward