Moab’s energizing energy resolution…

There’s something particularly energizing about Moab’s resolution to move to 100 percent renewables: its six quantitative goals. For instance, as a town we’re now committed to 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2032.

We’re all familiar with personal quantitative goals we’ve set for ourselves, for instance to lose a certain amount of pounds, or run three times a week. Sometimes we reach those goals and often we do not. But here’s what is special about a public entity like a town committing to quantitative goals: there is a diverse support system.

We have citizens who will keep reminding the city council of these goals and who will help with the planning to reach them. There are people motivated to form companies or find jobs within the renewables sector. There are other towns showing us how they’re moving to 100 percent renewables.

For instance, two days before Christmas last year, a small town in northern France, Tourouvre-au-Perche, paved a 0.6-mile stretch of its roads with solar panels. This area of France gets 44 days of good sunshine a year, and Moab gets to learn from one small French town about whether this ends up being cost-effective.

What might Moab think up? We’re on a great adventure now!

—Mary O’Brien

Castle Valley