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‘Divide and Conquer’ — their new reality TV show…

The people of our nation are being deliberately divided against each other. This process was perhaps begun some time ago but appears to have accelerated. Unelected elements of the security/corporate establishment utilize media — as well as career politicians from both “parties” (who they own) to create fake story lines in an effort to justify their various mega-projects. These projects include international military intervention and strict domestic security.

The story line they now most apparently seek to spread is one of war abroad and chaos at home. Fear, fear, fear. Of course, chaos necessitates the imposition of order. Their future “order” is the real agenda. Needless to say, any such order is not likely to be very free for any of us.

These forces have created chaos around the world for generations (lately concentrating on decimating the Middle East) and dominate the political direction of both phony “parties.” No election ever seems to change this. These forces make money from endless war. They utilize chosen political figureheads to initiate those wars based on assertions that turn out to be lies. We are constantly expected to forgive and forget these lies, even when they get our own loved ones maimed and killed in foreign lands.

Dealing with such lies has distorted our national character. It is vital that we consider how we have been psychologically and emotionally manipulated. This is not a conservative/liberal issue. Under all recent administrations, Republican and Democrat, the bloody stain on our national reputation continues to grow. Now these forces have set their sights on America itself. From a contrived portrayal of what it means to be “left” and “right” we are experiencing the process of being divided and conquered.

This same strategy was used to steal the land from the natives who lived here for thousands of years. It was used to convince certain tribes in Africa to round up and sell other tribes to slave traders. It is currently used in the Middle East to pit religious factions against each other, creating chaos and unspeakable suffering. It has been used over and over throughout history to complete ugly and evil tasks.

“Divide and Conquer” is the oldest trick in the book. Now it goes to work on us. Families and friends are being split apart by political arguments. These arguments are sincere but often miss the point. I feel the real point is this: people we don’t even know have managed to make us argue amongst ourselves. There are very few politicians who really have our backs right now. There are very few who even tell the truth about the most fundamental issues of freedom.

The national media is a total lie. Even many of the alternative media outlets are not as independent as they claim. The people in charge apparently do not want us living in peace. They want war and civil conflict, and blatantly use the same nauseating red/blue political theater to play “good cop/bad cop” with us every four years. We are being manipulated.

Both “candidates” in the last election were parodies of what a leader should be. The media that uniformly attacks the current president is the same one that put him in by giving him constant coverage! This is appearing more and more like an orchestrated production.

Tension with Russia was always on the agenda. A constant “war on terror” is the decided upon future and they made sure to bomb enough people to make it that way. Civil unrest and “resistance” were immediately suggested by the media as alternatives to the current administration.

The current president just happens to be really nasty. His opponent in November just happened to be always threatening war with Russia and took gobs of money from Saudi Arabia, one of the most oppressive regimes in human history. Certain irrational elements of both political spectrums were brought to the forefront and any rational candidates buried.

It’s a reality show, folks! And it’s lame, too, and I wish we could cancel it.

Big, powerful forces seem to want us to lose our cool. That is the main reason for us not to get upset — because people we don’t trust want us to get mad right now. We need a good playground strategy when someone is trying to trick us into fighting someone else. Realize they are spreading lies about you and your friends. We are not cardboard cutouts composed of political affiliations. We are a free and beautiful people. We have a chance to be strong and clever right now.

We must figure out a way to create a space around us that can remain relatively peaceful, sane and secure, even in the midst of what could become difficult days for our country.

Sand Sheff is an entertainer, musician, schoolteacher and author who lives in Moab. He also co-owns the Moab Backyard Theater.

ByBy Sand Sheff