Don’t tolerate SITLA’s tactics…

I have been in contact with the Utah State University real property administration director concerning the state School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA), discussing the problems they will have when SITLA rejects Moab city’s land use code during the development of the USU-Moab campus.

USU owns the 40 acres that will be developed for the campus. They have no contract with SITLA for development of the property, and I believe that the university will follow Moab’s land use code.

SITLA owns the land adjacent to the University that will be developed for student housing and other commercial uses. When SITLA rejects Moab city’s land use code, the city will have little or no control over the development of this property. Moab’s current contract with SITLA clearly states that the city will follow state law. State law allows SITLA to reject city codes at their discretion. This contract should have never been signed by Moab city.

Moab city needs to consider passing a resolution that the city will only supply sewer and water service to developments that follow the city’s codes.

Spending taxpayers’ money to support any developer that refuses to consider the health and welfare of the residents in Moab city is poor government and should not be tolerated by Moab residents or the Moab City Council.

—Bill Love