Actually, Mr. James Schmidt, (Feb. 9 letter), my prayer was a sincere, heartfelt prayer for help, simply written in a dialect common to some men living in southeast Utah and western Colorado, the place where I happen to live.

Who are you to claim I mocked the idea of receiving God’s help? Like so many of your ilk, i.e., right-wing, religious conservatives, you presume to judge others and speak for the Lord himself. The Times-Independent used the word, “descending” — take it up with them. I wrote of “turn(ing)” away.

I’m guessing from your tone, just guessing now, you backed Little Vlad in the election? I say that because your ad hominem attack on me, deflecting, deflecting my real message (remember — decent kids versus crass, vulgar, dishonest Trumpworld?) fits so well with the Master Deflector himself, as well as his deflectors-in-training, Kellyanne, Spicer and the rest.

“Spread(ing) aboard” the “contempt in my heart” is rubbish. Nothing but a cute and clever way to say, “Election’s over. Trump won. Siddown. Shuddup. Git over it.”

Listen. I wear my contempt for Comrade Trump right out front, for all to see; a contempt that stems from the terrible, unrecognizable shambles the man wants to make of our Republic. Instead of questioning my character and my standing with the Lord, why did you not engage on the content of my letter? Perfect Trumpian Deflection, that’s why.

And please don’t quote Scripture at me, or I’ll quote it right back at you, and it won’t be from the KJV.

—Kevin McGann

Castle Valley