Utah needs new, different thinking…

To the Governor and State Legislature:

The Outdoor Retailer’s Convention has pulled out of Utah. Is this the outcome you wanted? Your combined desire to exploit some of the most pristine and treasured lands in southern Utah solely for financial gain is at best short-sighted, and worse, deprived revenue of multi-millions for the state, and substantial income for many businesses and employees who have served this convention for many years.

It is about time you collectively put aside outdated party doctrine and dogma, including economic development at any cost — harm to people in the form of dirty air, water and despoiled lands. The people of this state, this nation, and indeed visitors from afar, love what they experience in these beautiful, largely unspoiled lands. Derived revenue from visits to this state is ongoing and substantial.

A continued practice of alternative reality and alternative truth must stop. Collectively, you have been out of touch with the times. The state has ample sunshine and wind in many areas. Enable investments in these alternative and viable energy sources. Now is the time for new and different thinking.

—George Mierisch

Salt Lake City