Life is a miracle…

I woke up on Sunday. Just another day. Took my dog Kodi for a walk. I live on the west side near the hospital, and noticed there were a lot of police and EMT vehicles around. I’d heard that they were going to do an accident simulation for the high school kids, and let it go at that.

Wrong. This was an actual tragedy — the real deal. The “circumstances” of the accident, and what was going on in the moments before it happened do not matter. When I was young and invincible, I’d been there a hundred times, and if you are honest, so were most of you.

That’s not the point. The point is that we, all of us, have only one life and it will, inevitably, end. Do you, as sentient beings, knowing that you will die, take that into consideration on how you live your life? I sit here pontificating, knowing full well that I do not.

I did not know the kids who died or were injured, yet I weep for their loss and pain. What can one say to their parents and family? Words fail. May your hearts heal.

Life, all of it, is a miracle. Thanks kids, for reminding me once more of that truth.

To those who passed, you left your mark, and it will be indelible. To the kids recovering, the future awaits and anything remains possible. Get well, and go get it.

Thanks also to our overworked emergency responders who had to deal with the accident and its aftermath — I can’t imagine how you do it.

—Steve Russell