Groups to host archaeological project in Nine Mile Canyon

The Bureau of Land Management Price Field Office and Arizona State University Center for Sustainable Tourism are teaming up to offer a family-friendly, hands-on volunteer activity to help with an archaeological excavation at an important pre-historic site in Nine Mile Canyon.

Six weekends of excavation activities are planned, beginning Sept. 9, BLM officials said in a news release. Professional archaeologists will guide high school youth and adult volunteers in work uncovering mysteries of the canyon and its past inhabitants, the Fremont people, who are believed to have lived in and around the canyon many hundreds of years ago.

The excavation project began in late 2016 as a collaboration between Utah archaeologists and scholars. It brings together federal, nonprofit, academic, and private entities “with a common goal of engaging the community in our shared cultural history,” the news release stated.

“Through this shared conservation stewardship effort, both visitors and volunteers will have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing archaeological resources on Utah’s public lands and the rich stories they can tell about those who lived there before,” BLM officials said.

Those interested in visiting Nine Mile Canyon to view the excavation are invited to the Nine Mile Canyon Stewardship Day on Saturday, Sept. 16. This is a separate event held by Project Discovery, a Utah nonprofit archaeology education program for high-school students. More information about Stewardship Day is available at: or by contacting Lindsey Kester, Project Discovery at [email protected]

Montgomery Archaeological Consultants, a private archaeological firm based in Moab, will oversee the excavation and data collection. For information about volunteering, visit