Adonijah Foster, 2016~2018

On a beautiful day, Jan. 18, 2016, Adonijah Jahiah John Foster was born at Rockland Ranch, San Juan County, Utah, to Enoch Eugene Foster and Lillian Victoria Foster and his two other moms, Catrina Marie and Lydia Rose. His birth brightened the world as it was filmed on the English documentary video, ‘Three Wives, One Husband,” which aired in the United Kingdom and around the world, giving millions of viewers an opportunity to join us in welcoming little Adoni into the world.

Adoni was a bright, affectionate, happy soul and a bit mischievous, which kept his family laughing. He brought so much joy to everyone within his reach. He was radiant and in love with life and his turn on Earth. Adoni was called to his Heavenly Home at the young age of two years old due to a tragic house fire on April 14, 2018. The night before he passed away, the family held an evening devotional time in which he hugged and kissed each individual member of his family as if he were saying goodbye.

Adonijah will be sorely missed by his parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family, neighbors and friends. He is survived by his loving parents, Enoch, Lillian, Catrina, Lydia, and his siblings Faith, Elijah, Praus, Charlotte, Joseph, Samuel, Zane, Tianna, Moroni, Cherish, Christa, Enoch J., Serenity, Humility, Evangelina, Naomi, Ahava, Noble and Arrhen.

Whenever loading into a vehicle or going anywhere, dad Enoch does “roll call” and now when he calls ‘’Adonijah” the entire family shouts out a hearty, “check,” because, “Our boy is safe and accounted for in the loving arms of Jesus.”

His names Adonijah and Jahiah are Hebrew. They come from the Bible and mean ‘The Lord is Jehovah’, and ‘Jehovah is God’. This namesake was an expression of his parents’ belief that his life, as are all lives, is a beautiful testimony to the power of our Great Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. The name John was added to honor his great-grandfather John Singer.

God, the Angels and our family in Heaven are now privileged to enjoy our cherished Adonijah Jahiah John. He brought us so much joy in the two years of life he shared with us here on Earth and has now taken a piece of our hearts into heaven with him. His life was an incredible gift from God!

Adoni, you were God’s before you were ours and He has chosen to take you home again. We honor and praise the name of the Lord! We will be holding you in our hearts for always, Adonijah.