City installs new stop sign on 100 W.

The City of Moab has installed a new stop sign for bicyclists exiting the Mill Creek Parkway at the pathway’s intersection at 100 West. “Bicyclists are now required to come to a complete stop before proceeding onto the street,” said a press release from the city. The sign is located where the pathway merges onto 100 West, in an effort to improve safety for both bike riders and drivers of motorized vehicles.

The change is a “short-term fix” implemented while the Moab City Engineering Department works to develop a permanent solution, said City Engineer Chuck Williams.

City engineering staff had been monitoring traffic in the area for some time, said the press release, “and documented numerous instances of bicycles coming off the pathway and into the street traffic while barely reducing speed. Given that the pathway merges with 100 West just before that street curves into 100 South, staff determined that additional safety measures were called for.”

“Traffic on 100 West has increased significantly in recent years and this curve where 100 West turns into 100 South poses a particular challenge in terms of traffic flow,” Williams said. “With bikes also coming off the pathway in that same area, we believe it is important to take steps to improve their awareness of the traffic on the streets. Putting in a stop sign is a first step in making that area safer for everyone.”