‘Underdogs’ seek homes for rez strays

This Friday, June 22, Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab will put on an animal adoption event in Moab at the WabiSabi Thrift Store. The adoption day will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside WabiSabi’s main office, located at 160 E. 100 S. Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab, an organization based in Moab, provides adoption services and veterinary care to animals rescued from the Four Corners area.

Desirae Miller, an organizer for Underdog Animal Rescue, explained that many of the dogs up for adoption were once strays on one of the several tribal nations near Four Corners. “On the reservations, life expectancy for stray dogs is generally about two years,” she said. “There are about 2,000 feral dogs living in that area. We do whatever we can to give those dogs a second chance. We vaccinate, spay, and neuter the dogs we care for. We also have a clinic set up in the Four Corners where we try to spay and neuter as many dogs as possible, even if we can’t take them in.”

Underdog is currently looking after four litters of puppies, as well as a pregnant dog. According to Miller, one litter was found dehydrated and starving before being taken in by the organization, bottle-fed, and nursed back to health by their current foster owner. “It’s amazing that they survived,” Miller said.

Though Underdog Animal Rescue welcomes meetings with anyone considering adopting a puppy, visitors to Friday’s adoption day event can expect to meet more juvenile and adult dogs.

“We usually bring all of the puppies, but for this event we’re really trying to find homes for the dogs who have been there a while,” said Miller. “Puppies are easily adoptable, but many adult dogs struggle to find homes.” Miller emphasized that the rewards of adopting these strays are great. “It takes rehabilitation and trust-building, but if people take that challenge on, it’s all worth it. They’re amazing dogs. They’ve had a rough start at life, but if you’re willing to give them love, they make wonderful companions.”

For more information, contact Underdog Rescue and Rehab at [email protected]

ByBy Emily Lawson

The Times-Independent