Reward offered for vandalism at Colo. Nat’l. Monument

Officials at Colorado National Monument are offering a $500 reward for information leading to the conviction of individuals who spray-painted love notes and a prom proposal on the White Rocks formation, which is known for its white color, narrow passageways, and concentration of rock art sites. The letters WCO were also found nearby. Anyone with information should call Colorado National Monument at 970 858-3617 x360.

“Graffiti continues to be a problem at Colorado National Monument,” said Superintendent Ken Mayberry. “Selfish actions such as these damage irreplaceable natural and cultural resources and leave negative impressions on local citizens and visitors from around the world who come here to experience the beauty of unimpaired natural landscapes.”

Graffiti is costly in other ways as well. Time-consuming investigations and restorations deflect time and money from park programs. Defacing an archaeological site compromises the site’s integrity and destroys irreplaceable information about the past, officials say.

“With your help, we can ensure the preservation of these unique, fragile, and irreplaceable resources for future generations,” said Mayberry in a press release. “If you see someone carving, painting or otherwise defacing any part of the monument including rocks, trees, signs, buildings, or any other resource, please contact a monument employee by calling (970)858-3617 x360. If it is after visitor center hours, please leave a message. Provide as much information as you can without putting yourself at risk.”

Penalties depend on the severity and location. Damage to an archeological site on public lands is a potential felony with up to $20,000 in fines and five years in prison.