No e-bikes on non-motorized trails


I turn 70 in August and am in the twilight of a long era of mountain biking. There very well could be an e-bike in my future. If that happens I will be happy to ride on the hundreds of miles of trails and roads in Grand and San Juan counties that are open to motorized vehicles. I don’t expect to ride it on non-motorized trails.

I don’t think anyone would argue that it’s only a matter of time until 40 or 50 HP e-bikes capable of high speeds are readily available. Conflicts with hikers and bikers are sure to follow. I can’t imagine that a vehicle doing 35 mph out on Dyno-Flo won’t cause many problems.

An e-bike is a motorized vehicle plain and simple. Really no different than a Honda or any other ATV/UTV. They should never be allowed on non-motorized trails.

–Jim Pedler