Castle Valley Comments
June 28, 2018

During the monthly meeting of the Castle Valley Town Council, the annual Castle Valley scholarship was awarded to a local student. Jared Smith, who has resided on Pace Lane with his parents since before the beginning of his freshman year at Grand County High School, and was the only applicant to apply for the $2,500 scholarship.

The grant has been provided anonymously since 1991 to graduating high school seniors who want to continue with their education at a college or trade school. Applicants are required to prove that they have been accepted to an institution of higher education and payment is made directly to the school. For the past 27 years the generous donor has contributed approximately $51,000 to 41 of our young people as they entered a college or trade school to pursue their goals of higher education. As I look back over the group of individuals who have been recipients of the generosity of the donor it appears that they have all become fine citizens of their communities and successful in their life pursuits.

Smith, who will join his predecessors in excellence, was a four-year letterman on the Grand County High School football team and was elected team captain his senior year. He also participated on the track and field team and was on the baseball team for three years as well as other school events. He held down a part-time job during school to pay for school sports and other activities. Smith will be going to Weber State University this fall to pursue a degree in business administration.

The town council opened the meeting with two public hearings. The first was on the proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 for which there was no public comment and was approved by the council later in the meeting. The second public hearing was for amendments to Ordinance 85-3 regarding definitions of dwelling, kitchen, temporary dwelling and other definitions. Jack Campbell approved of the wording change of one kitchen per building to one kitchen per lot and thought that some of the wording should say “shall” instead of “may” in regards to some of the ordinance language. Donna Kramer spoke about her confusion of “routine” and “non-routine” wording in the ordinance. Mary Beth Fitzburgh, a member of the planning and land use commission, said a routine permit can be approved by an officer of the town whereas a non-routine permit involves a more lengthy process that requires letters and public hearings. The council voted to table the issue until next month and review the comments that were presented as well as written comments that are still to come.

Pam Hackley, a member of the Grand County Solid Waste District Board, presented a report about the operation at the recycle center. Because of various circumstances involving the amount of material they are receiving, lack of personnel and prices for recycled material, they have to modify their operation by not accepting certain materials and being open for a shorter time so they can catch up from what they receive. The official notice from the solid waste district has been posted on the town’s website under “public notices.”

The council appointed Pam Gibson and Marie Hawkins to the planning and land use commission. Hawkins has been serving on the commission for a number of years and both of the appointments will run through June 31, 2022.

The council is still working on a resolution to be removed from the Grand County Water and Sewer Districts. Castle Valley is part of the district and had to remain there until the bond to pay off Ken’s Lake was paid. Now that the bond has been paid off the council wants to be removed from the district since the membership offers no advantage to Castle Valley.

The council also discussed a request for a bid to replace the lawn sprinkler system and a drip system for the plants on the town lot. The present system is lacking water pressure and is not working properly. They also voted to approve a new position of a landscape and building maintenance position. The salary would depend on experience.

* * *

The Friends of the Castle Valley Fire Department have been working hard to have a successful Fourth of July Celebration at the fire house. The group is planning a gathering Tuesday, July 3 with a bake sale and a bicycle-decorating session for the kids. Susan Halliday says Smokey Bear will be there at 5:30 p.m. to meet everyone.

The Fourth of July festivities will begin at 8:30 a.m. with a free pancake breakfast thanks to City Market for furnishing the pancake mix, bacon, orange juice and coffee. There will be a parade of bicycles, fire trucks and any other vehicles that people would like to enter as well as games, demonstrations and many other activities. Come join the fun on both days!


ByBy Ron Drake