Professional fireworks show slated for 4th of July

It took some doing but the Independence Day municipal fireworks show is officially happening. A permitted professional display will be held near Lions Back at or near dark. In the case of wind or rain, the display will be held on July 5 or July 6.

After the company that had been providing fireworks found a high-paid gig in Blanding, the county had to scramble to find a provider this year. They were able to contract with Vortex Fireworks to put on the show.

In a press release announcing the fireworks display, the county reminded residents that using any type of fireworks on private land within the unincorporated (non-city) county boundaries is prohibited. It is also prohibited on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service or the State of Utah.

The Grand County Council recently passed a resolution urging residents to respect the fireworks restrictions. “The Grand County Council … does hereby respectfully implore the citizens to respect our neighbors’ rights and the rule of law, including discharging or using any kind of fireworks on public or unincorporated private lands,” the resolution states.