Fire-wise ways to celebrate Independence Day

The Bureau of Land Management recognizes that Independence Day is a great day to celebrate America’s national public lands, parks and forests. “These lands provide tangible goods and materials we rely on and use every day, as well as an amazing array of recreation opportunities.

“There are many fire-wise ways to have fun and keep our lands healthy and beautiful,” said the BLM’s Lisa Bryant, who reminds the public that possessing or using fireworks on public lands, in national forests, and in national parks is illegal and “puts our natural resources at risk.” Campfires and using charcoal grills are also not allowed on public lands while we are in fire restrictions.

“Here are some ways to enjoy the Fourth of July holiday and help keep families and the landscapes we treasure out of harm’s way,” says Bryant.

• Enjoy a family picnic at a scenic overlook.

• Take a hike to your favorite shady spot or creek.

• Paddle or raft the river or enjoy Ken’s Lake. The water is refreshing when it’s hot outside, even when levels are low.

• Go for a bike ride – earn your cherry pie!

• Enjoy a colorful sunrise or sunset.

• Explore a local historic site, think about the early pioneers and Native Americans who first explored and settled here.

• Attend a civic-sponsored fireworks show. In Moab you can enjoy the Moab City/Grand County fireworks display from several spots on nearby public lands.

• Be considerate of others and good land stewards; practice fire safety when outdoors.

For more information about fire restrictions, wildfires, fire prevention, and fuels treatment projects, visit “As a general practice dispose of cigarettes properly, stay on established roads and trails to avoid dry vegetation, and ensure trailer chains don’t drag or create sparks,” says Bryant. “Being fire-wise helps prevent wildfires, keeps families safe, protects communities and reduces unnecessary risk to fire fighters.”