Farewell to Jimmie Walker…

The community of Moab and the rock-hounding community have lost a giant. I owe much of my local rock-hounding knowledge to Jimmie who recently left us for that great collecting area in the sky. It is my fervent wish that St. Peter is now mediating the argument between Jimmie and Ray Tibbetts over who discovered the Yellowcat redwood site.

Jimmie and I shared many pleasant days out in the desert looking for rocks. Well, most of them were pleasant. Some of them weren’t nearly as pleasant due to heat, bugs or other problems. But that’s the life of a rock hound.

I remember one rock club field trip to the Island Mesa area in eastern San Juan County where Jimmie and I had been following a promising trail of bright red opalite. At one point we had climbed over a barbed wire fence. Then we headed back to meet up with the rest of the club the fence was too high to go over so we crawled under the lower strand while the other held it up. Later I discovered that we had crawled across the state-line from Colorado back into Utah. When I told Jimmie about it later he said, “In my day I’ve partied with the best of them and that’s the first time I’ve ever had to crawl from one state to another!”

That’s how I’ll remember Jimmie. Happy trails my friend.

–David Vaughn

Castle Valley