Enough is enough…


The new proposed USU campus is an incredibly bad idea. The community cannot handle it. We’re already overcrowded/overrun with tourism, there’s no housing, there’s no water. More growth is not going to help this community/region.

We needed to put the brakes on growth a few years ago. SITLA is not a good development partner. They are bullies and will run roughshod over the city/county/community. This new proposed campus should have been put on the ballot for the community to vote on. Becoming a university town is no small thing and the fact that it’s being forced upon us is just plain wrong. Water is a huge issue. We live in the arid West and we’re growing/developing like we are a high precipitation region. It’s extremely irresponsible and dangerous. We need to slow down and step back, we’re losing our town and we’re destroying our small-town quality of life. This university is another nail in the coffin for Moab and the amazing lands that surround it.

Please put the brakes on growth. Enough is enough!!

–Kiley Miller