Domestic violence incident ends in jail

A man was arrested and jailed July 17 on charges of felony domestic violence and misdemeanor unlawful detention.

On July 17 around 5 p.m., Grand County Dispatch reported a domestic disturbance. The incident involved a man and a woman who had what the woman described as an argument over whether the man could have a drink of her soda. The woman reported that the man attacked her, strangled her for approximately 20 seconds and struck her several times and trapped her in the room. As she gathered her belongings and attempted to leave, the man continued to attack her. She was able to get away and drive to a safe place, where she called 911.

The man also called 911 and reported that the woman had attacked him. Officers responded to the scene of the attack, where the man remained. Another officer responded to talk to the woman.

Officers reported that the man was highly agitated and sweating profusely, leading them to believe that he had taken methamphetamine. He was combative and his story was inconsistent, but he admitted choking the woman. Her injuries were consistent with how she described the attack and her story was consistent, so the officers determined that the male was the predominant aggressor in the incident. The man was arrested and taken to Grand County jail, where he was booked on one charge of felony domestic violence and a misdemeanor charge of unlawful detention.