City to ban plastic bags? Council mulls contributions, communications policies

On Wednesday, July 25, shortly after The Times-Independent goes to press, the Moab City Council will consider several issues of interest to the community. At a pre-council workshop, council members will hear a presentation and discussion on a possible plastic bag ban in Moab. The council will also look at guidelines for community contributions and a possible communication plan for the city. There will also be two public hearings, one on the establishment of new wastewater service rates and another on a proposed issuance of sales tax revenue bonds.

City Communications Director Lisa Church explained that development of a communications plan has been an integral part of her work, as expressed by the council. “When they created this position, one of my charges was to create a communications plan because that had not existed here in the city in the past,” said Church. “It’s important because it sets goals and specific policies … to make sure people are using the standard logo and standard types of text in their emails so that all the communications that come from the city have a standardized look, regardless of which department you’re working in. That’s important on the internal side, and on the external side, it’s important because one of the things we’re going to be working on doing is hopefully improving community engagement—improving engagement with our citizens and our residents—so there are some ideas for ways to do that put forth in the communications plan.”

As for the community contributions guidelines, the council previously asked for a revision to the process by which the city disburses funds to community organizations. The guidelines eliminate the fee waiver process, which will be replaced with a special event sponsorship process, according to city documents. The council must decide whether the city manager will authorize awards based on the recommendations of a committee, or whether the council itself will approve a slate of donations. Either way, the council will choose the overarching amount donated to community organizations.