Bighorn Gallery at Deadhorse Point presents ‘Desert Light’

The Bighorn Gallery at Deadhorse Point State Park is presenting a showing called Desert Light by Emily Dickey and Steven Michael Howa through Aug. 30.

Dickey was always interested in photography but didn’t pursue it seriously until she met her husband, according to biographical information provided by the park. Together their mutual love for capturing the outdoors flourished. Their weekends and vacations are spent exploring and photographing Utah’s various landscapes. “She has a unique eye for capturing the smaller desert scenes, showing the more intimate side of barren landscapes. She hopes that her images help people see beauty in a seemingly lifeless, desolate terrain,” said the press release.

Howa is a native Utah photographer who started photography late in life while serving with the Army in Iraq. “Documenting my experiences and capturing fellow soldiers became an obsession which carried over to landscape photography after retirement,” said Howa. “The camera has taken me to places I’ve never dreamed of going or even existed. It’s like a divining rod, always pointing to the treasure, and the West is full of treasure. I’ve had the luxury of learning the art of landscape photography from two of the best: Dustin Lefevre and Chad Dutson. There is so much more to learn and so much treasure to seek.”