Date night, skate night at community roller rink

By Rose Egelhoff •The Times-Independent

The volunteer group Skate Moab has been hosting “Community Skate Nights” at the outdoor pavilion near Old Spanish Trail Arena. Organizer Erin Trim says the cooperative recreation activity “encourages a happy and health community through the joy of skating.” Locals have been able to enjoy “Free Final Fridays” on the last Friday of every month since last spring. The events will continue through fall in the pop-up roller rink.

The first known roller skates were created in the 1760s, according to the National Museum of Roller Skating. The original roller skates were inline, with a single row of wheels. It wasn’t until 1863 that James Plimpton invented the “quad” skate. “Because this skate allowed for greater control and ease of skating, the four-wheeled skate quickly came to dominate the industry,” said the NMRS.

“All Rollerblades are inline roller skates, but not all inline roller skates are Rollerblades,” the group goes on to explain. “It is unfortunate that the name Rollerblade has become equated in the public’s mind with inline roller skating, for such an equation not only neglects the many other manufacturers, it also blurs the history of roller skating and the history of inline roller skates in particular. However, if you decide to use Rollerblade brand skates, then you will be Rollerblading, otherwise, the accurate term is inline skating.”

Participants in the Final Fridays Community Roller Rink Nights can choose between quad skates and inline skates, both of which are available to rent from the organizers. Rentals are free for locals and $5 for visitors. Like the disco roller rinks of the 1970s, the event boasts music and party lights. The next all-ages event will happen Aug. 31 at 6 p.m. at Old Spanish Trail Arena.