Things could change real quickly


So immigration raids have come to Moab. The comments are easily predicted – “They’re Illegal!” “Good Riddance!” and “Build The Wall!” To those who believe sealing our borders will solve our immigration problems, I urge you to consider the following.

Most people crossing the border illegally to enter the United States are either fleeing horrible violence or seeking economic benefit to allow their family to survive. In the same circumstances these are actions that many of us would undertake to protect the well being of our own families.

And why do people come to the United States without legal status? Because they can get a job and send money home to keep their family alive! If you have not figured this out yet, many an American business strategy is based solidly on the ability to hire undocumented workers at low wages. The businesses make the profits, and the rest of us pay the costs.

When the immigration raid happens, you’ll notice the business owner gets a light tap on the wrist, if that, and the poor people generating their profits get hauled off and sent away. If you really want to halt illegal immigration, remove the economic incentive for people to come to this country without documentation. Start jailing the people that hire undocumented workers. I guarantee that once rich people start ending up in jail for hiring undocumented workers, things will change. Real quick.

–Glenn Kincaid

Castle Valley