CV fire department needs additional revenues


We all are acutely aware of the drought- related catastrophes that have challenged our beautiful lands. Smoke-filled skies and distressed vegetation are no longer the exceptions. This year we have had more extremely high fire danger days than ever before.

Your all-volunteer Castle Valley Fire Department enjoys the strong support of our community. Many residents actively participate in the “Fire Wise Community” program designed to protect their own properties. In addition, grants, and donations have supplemented the revenues received from property taxes. We have deferred a tax increase since 2006. Now the fire department needs additional revenues to do its job.

The Castle Valley Fire Protection District is initiating a tax increase. Our tax revenues in 2019 will increase from the $38,000 set in 2006 to $60,000. This 12-year span has seen our protection district’s total assessed value increase to over $90 million. Next year’s reassessment will no doubt add more.

Our immediate priorities are air supply systems for our volunteer firefighters and a new water tender.

We will hold public hearings on Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. in Fire Station 2, behind the Town Center, and on Dec. 6 at 6 p.m. in Fire Station 1, on Castleton Road in Castle Valley.

Please come. We invite your comments. We are proud of our service to you.

Your fire commissioners,

–Mitch Stock, chairman;

Leta Vaughn, secretary;

Bob Russell, treasurer;

Ron Drake, fire chief