DUP maintains Moab family histories


With all the controversy and contention swirling around our little valley, there is a small group of ladies in our community that is quietly maintaining the history of those families who settled here in the late 1880s. The Daughters of Utah Pioneers is made up of women who have ancestors who came to the Utah Territory before the railroad reached the Salt Lake Valley. As all relics do, we are aging and fading away. One of our stalwart members, Hallie Tibbitts, passed away last week.

We need new members and new women to buoy up our numbers. The DUP Museum is located beween Star Hall and the Center Street Gym, just behind the basketball court. Starting each September, we meet there at 2 p.m. on Wednesdays for our Camp Meetings. We hear histories of communities all over the state as well as areas that surround us. We share histories of our families that settled here and other places. We have a wonderful picture gallery and museum of early pioneer life in the valley. The art of quilting and handiwork is practiced and taught. Each December on the first Friday we hold a bazaar to support the museum throughout the year and make repairs as needed. We are inviting anyone to come and visit or join.

If your ancestors did not make it here before the railroad, we have an associate membership available. With the closing of the Museum of Moab for remodeling, we offer a glimpse of the past with a smile and a story. We also have copies of Grand Memories and the supplements to it.

Come on by and we will let you ring the bell.

—Ethel Ann Carter


Member, Daughter of Utah Pioneers