Good job, folks!


Having always been a supporter of the local news outlets, I felt the need to compliment you guys on the last edition of the T-I. But first, I must disclose some information.

The first thing that I must disclose is that I am and have been a board member of the Museum of Moab for some time. With that in mind I really need to thank Sena for her explanation to the community about why the museum will be closed for the next year. It was a very tough decision to make, but it was something that was really necessary for us to do with confidence into the future. As much as we hated to do it, the museum was badly in need of a change and an update to our displays. We also needed to find a focus that would be unique to us. We hope you and all the public will support us in this effort.

The second piece of information I must disclose is that I suddenly and unexpectedly became susceptible to poison ivy when I was about 20 years old. Prior to that time, I could have rolled in it and not suffered any rash. I unfortunately discovered this when I lived in central Illinois where it grew everywhere. I even got it once in the winter when I touched a bare stem while deer hunting. It grew as a plant or a huge vine going up into the trees to find light.

One bout left me with the rash over about one-fourth of my hands, arms and chest and was advancing toward my eyes when my doctor prescribed some heavy-duty medicine to dry it up. Back in those days it didn’t hurt that this medicine was also an amphetamine and some of my friends thought I was selfish for not giving any of it to them. But that is a story for another time and place or maybe not.

It may have been me who pointed out all the ivy in the area to Mike Johnson or to Tim Higgs for sure. I can smell the damn plant now. There are several places along the Green and Colorado rivers where it grows like the plague it is. It also grows very verdantly in Bootlegger Canyon just east of Moab as I found out one day with Hans Weibel.

Call me prejudiced but stay tuned and stay informed, your friend as always,

–David Vaughn

Castle Valley