Promoting the interests of political insiders

Dear Editor,

Lynn Jackson’s column from last week seemed quite disingenuous to me. He pretends to advocate for typical Grand County voters, but in reality he’s trying to promote the interests of political insiders over the interests of citizens at large.

HB 224 gives political parties special access to the ballot. Unaffiliated voters (i.e. voters who have chosen not to affiliate with any political party) are by far the largest group in Grand County. Most Grand County citizens are independent-minded!

Our current non-partisan form of government treats all candidates equally, regardless of whether or not they are affiliated with a political party. In a non-partisan system, political parties are free to participate in elections – the local Democratic and Republican parties are both very active – but parties are not given any special advantages. “Non-partisan” means that unaffiliated candidates play by the same rules as candidates backed by a political party. HB 224 forces Grand County to switch to a partisan system, which gives political parties more control and influence over the ballot. Most Grand County voters are unaffiliated – they should not be treated as second-class voters!


–Marcia Tendick