Questions about the plastic bag ban


In reference to the ban on plastic, “one-use” bags, I understand the need to re-use and recycle, and do as much as I can on that.

I’ve used for years my own cloth and vinyl bags to bring home my groceries. I’ve even saved “one-use” bags and taken a bundle of them to the store to bring my new groceries home. Somehow we end up with some, and I use these to collect wet garbage, like fruit peelings, etc. I also use these bags to line the garbage cans in bathrooms and bedrooms.

With the ban on plastic bags in Moab, what is the plan for people to bring their groceries home?

I guess everyone will be advised to buy cloth bags and bring them to the store with them for their groceries. What if they don’t bring enough, will they then have to carry small items separately – one loaf of bread, a carton of ice cream, etc?

With no new bags to help me collect wet garbage or to line garbage cans, I will have to buy a whole new product, plastic bags to use for these things. When the ban on plastic bags was put in place did you consider these things?

I’m thinking of abandoning my cloth bags until January and bringing home as many bags as I can to use for as long as possible until I have to start buying them.

Thank you for your time.

–Shauna Dickerson